An inverter system is easily able to replace any power supplier, with the use of sufficient solar panels. The long-term benefits of such an investment require no justification. With our FCS K5 range, which is a modular system, you can add additional units as your demand increases (to a maximum of six units) providing for up to a total of 24000 W. Our products enable you to commence on a smaller more inexpensive scale and to increase the size and efficiency of your system should your needs require. This ensures you will never have to sell your inverter to buy a bigger one.

Our units are configurable to run as three phase inverters as well allowing 10000w three phase.
An inverter can be explained as “a generator that uses the battery as its fuel tank”.

Generator - Generators are AC power supplies that use fossil fuels as their main source of energy. In other words, they use fuel (diesel or petrol) to run an engine. One of the major drawbacks of a generator is they can be inefficient and waste a lot of fuel if they’re not run at the appropriate load. Generators also unnecessarily pollute the environment. If your generator is run below seventy five percent of its rated capacity, this can cause carbon buildup on the critical engine components, shortening the life of your generator’s engine.
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